Our Painted Picture

Our Painted Picture is a vivid mental image of where CityMax.com will be by 2019.

We aim to change the world by motivating and empowering aspiring Internet entrepreneurs to have the thriving online businesses they've always envisioned. Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to serve 1 Million customers by 2019, and this shapes every aspect of our business.

More than a Website Builder.

We are more than someone's website, we are their business. We are who they trust to make their dreams a reality. We do whatever it takes to help them be successful.

We've become the preeminent resource on how to start, grow and manage a small business. The CityMax.com brand has grown beyond the website builder and now includes a top tier education program, ecommerce tools, marketing tools, a social network, professional services and financing.

Our customers make money and we help them do it. The CityMax.com team takes personal responsibility to ensure our tools and education are done right. Every team member lives the talk by using the same education, tools and resources our customers use to succeed with their own online businesses. Forty percent of our team has created a nice passive second income with their CityMax.com website.

We always find unique ways to reach out to and help entrepreneurs. Max, the animated "face" of CityMax.com, is a guest contributor in national magazines, has an award winning blog, co-wrote his own book and has helped produce CityMax.com's own reality TV show, in which contestants compete to make money online.


Our online training and how-to materials are second to none. By the time a customer finishes our program, the training they have is equivalent to a college education or years of trial and error. Our Education Team is fanatical about finding new things to teach our customers and our online library grows daily with new documents, videos, case studies and reports.

Every year, CityMax.com hosts an annual Town Hall Meeting where customers can come to learn directly with CityMax.com professionals and industry experts. In conjunction with Town Hall, all CityMax.com staff from around the world assembles for a day of learning, motivation and bonding.

CityMax.com members also get an opportunity to meet us informally when we travel through on business. In addition, CityMax.com seeks input from community members through a CityMax.com Citizen Counsel and PowerMember groups that beta test features for us and are considered community leaders.

Student Entrepreneurs.

We are big supporters of student entrepreneurs and entrepreneur groups. We've developed the preeminent curriculum that schools, teachers, and entrepreneurship clubs can download to learn how to build a website, get traffic and make sales online. We work with student entrepreneur groups and entrepreneur organizations to sponsor an annual online "lemonade stand" competition. In this competition, students compete to translate the knowledge we provide into real sales, winning a valuable prize suite from us and our contest sponsors.


We leverage our influence to advocate and lobby issues on behalf of small business owners. CityMax.com has become a virtual agency representing our clients to negotiate advertising, sponsorship, and technology agreements that they would never be able to negotiate or benefit from individually. Search engines, media networks, affiliate networks and advertisers approach us daily to cut exclusive deals for access to the CityMax.com network.

We regularly work with other top brands, like Fortune Small Business, Entrepreneur, EO, Inc and Fast Company. The CityMax.com brand has become a top 10 name associated with the online small business market. With such an influential market, marketers continually come to us to offer our community exclusive deals that our members could not get individually.


Our reseller program has grown to include over 2500 niche, private label providers and over 100 household regional and national brands offering their own branded or cobranded website builder identical to CityMax.com.


Everyone at CityMax.com strives to be a RockStar. We love to work and live to win. Everyone on the CityMax.com team is results oriented. We celebrate success and take the time to recognize personal bests, milestones, and accomplishments. The CityMax.com RockStar Program recognizes high achievers that make a difference in the company's growth with trips around the world and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Our MVPs are awarded with a weekend away for two and use of the MVP car, parking space, and Segway.

Our team outside the office is composed of passionate, home based experts that are 100% dedicated to making the CityMax.com community a success. To ensure high quality, 24/7 support and service, we've strategically placed teams in different time zones. We don't hire cheap labor sweatshops, we only build career driven teams of professionals to service our community.


Our culture is second to none. Not only is CityMax.com a great place to work, but a place where people enjoy working together. We show our spirit everyday by wearing CityMax.com gear, which is so stylish it turns heads.

We inspire our team to dream big and then help them make those dreams a reality. Whether their goal is to buy a first house or car, take the trip of a lifetime, or financial security, our on-staff "Dream Manager" helps them plan, strategize, and coordinate professionals (financial planners, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, car wholesalers, crisis counselors, nutritionists, naturopaths) to help make it happen.

We invest in our team by making sure that they are healthy, continually growing, taken care of and that they share in the success of CityMax.com. We do this through a number of innovative programs, including a meal program, health and fitness program, education program, RRSP/401K matching, child care, profit sharing, crisis program, family days and 5 weeks time off. Because of our programs, CityMax.com is considered one of the healthiest companies in the world. Experts from around the globe continually ask to join our team and dozens of high quality professionals compete for every position available.


Our Design Team is continually finding ways to increase the "Wow" factor of our templates, making our customers look pro with websites equivalent to custom designed $10,000 ecommerce sites. Leading designers and schools submit templates for our customers to use, which has helped increase our template library to a massive 5,000 designs.


Our Dev Team is one of a kind. They are fixated on optimizing our products and systems to be as easy and effortless as possible. They are in tune with our customers and truly care about how their work impacts small business owners. With our Rapid Development system, we spec, develop and launch products and features seemingly overnight. Our team can work and develop 24/7, accessing our system from anywhere in the world.


Our Sales Team members are the Ambassadors of CityMax.com. They're great at uncovering why visitors really want a business of their own and are masters at motivating and giving them the confidence to make their vision a reality. Our Sales Team continually takes the extra step to ensure that our customers are off to a great start with all the information they need to make their site.


Our Marketing Team is always ahead of the curve, continually perfecting new and innovative tools and techniques to improve our traffic, trial rate, conversation rate and retention rate. We have a CPA of below $1 for subscribers and under $20 for new members. We get two free trials from referral sources for each one we pay for. We have a strong network of 1000 active affiliates, 100 of which drive one new sale a day. Our SEO Team has a strangle hold on the top three placements for our top 25 keywords on Google, Yahoo and MSN. We have over 5000 indexed and Digg'd articles linking to us from around the web and a co-reg email system that draws in hundreds of new members a day.

Public Relations.

Our PR Team is a constant source of surprises at huddle, sharing the latest media hit or presentation they secured. CityMax.com has become the authority on small business and starting a business online. We get daily invites for talk shows, panels, keynote presentations and syndicated articles in national magazines.


Our Admin Team is fanatical about efficiency. They continually find ways to optimize the organization and work with suppliers to drive more value for less. They've automated virtually every aspect of the organization so that anyone can run the company from a simple dashboard.


CityMax.com support is so good that case studies have been written about it. We have the best and most effective support in the small business coaching and website builder industry by far. Our 24/7 Support Team is always there to help and empower customers when they need it. Customers actually say that they enjoy the support process, which is reflected in a NetPromoter score of 90.

CityMax.com has invented a comprehensive and predictive support system. We monitor all activity and catch where customers get stuck or need help. Our Development and Support Teams then quickly adjust our system to remove the stuck point. By continually doing so, our products seem hyper intuitive and easy to use.

Web Coaching.

Our Coaching Team acts as second tier of support, teaching customers how to make money with their site after they learn to build it. The predictive support system flags sites that have slowing visits and sales so our Coaches can jump in and help them get their site to the next level.

CityHall HQ.

CityMax.com is headquartered in CityHall, one of the coolest offices in the city. CityHall is designed to ensure that we can provide the best leadership, education and products possible. It includes a conference center where HD webinars are conducted, a recording studio, a quiet room with pods facing a floor to ceiling fish tank, and timeout rooms for well-deserved naps. Our modular workstations can be customized to our individual styles and moved around to join a new team for a new project.


To manage our rapid growth, the CityMax.com team has developed a communication system that keeps everyone up-to-date, coordinated and motivated. We've implemented daily huddles, weekly manager meetings, newsletters, blogs, staff RSS feeds, monthly team meetings, retreats and reviews that keep us moving forward.

CityMax.com has become totally mobile. Anyone can work out of the office at anytime. This allows us to expand to different time zones and have the best staff help us from anywhere in the world. We use our mobility to our advantage and provide our team with unique learning experiences, retreats on cruise ships and opportunities to work on the beach in the Caribbean .


CityMax.com has been recognized as a Best Place To Work, Best Run Company and Fast Growing. We've been awarded a Webby, Editor's Choice in National Magazines, and for our innovative Customer Care.


The Leadership of CityMax.com is driven to grow the CityMax.com community, the technology, our members' businesses and our team. Each member of the Leadership Team knows the operation front to back. Their work ethic is considered hardcore and their passion infectious. Our Leaders have become great coaches and are always looking for ways to help their team to grow.

Changing the World.

We believe that entrepreneurs can solve the world's problems. Entrepreneurs find ways to forge communication and trade, which translates into jobs, security, friendship and peace. To ensure the smallest entrepreneurs from around the world get an opportunity to live their dreams and improve their communities, CityMax.com has given over 100,000 microloans around the world.

We are willing to do whatever it takes to help 1 Million entrepreneurs. To make this a reality, we've prepared CityMax.com to acquire companies or become a valuable part of another. Either way, CityHall and the CityMax.com Team will remain as is, a shining example for our partners as the standard to meet.