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Create Your Own Web Page with 114 Features

Learn about all the features that will help your business grow and prosper.


Statistics & Analytics

Free Hitslink Account

Monitor and analyze your website traffic with Hitslink – it is completely integrated with your site and sign up is easy.

Affiliate Conversion Tracking

You can also track the sales for your affiliates so you can easily know how much they sold.

Tracking Code Embed

Add tracking pixels from 3rd party software, like Google analytics, to monitor and analyze your website traffic.

Conversion Code Embed

You can enter your conversion code into your cart to track orders, sales amount and total items sold.

Success toolkit

Access 85+ guides on how to make your business profitable, including Search Engine Optimization strategies, money management tips, how to transform your customers into raving evangelists for your business, affiliate marketing and much more.

Search Engine Optimization

Meta Tag Management

Tags are inserted in the heading section of your html code for search engines to know where and how to rank your site.

Submit to Search Engines

We have the step by step instructions for you to submit your site to search engines and directories.

Sitemap Creation

Google sitemaps is a powerful starting point that helps you ensure that all your site pages are listed in Google.

Ideas on Content Writing

We know it is hard to know what to write, that is why we help you with ideas on what to write for your site optimization.

Custom Page URLs

You can set a friendly URL ending for your pages to something more relevant and easy to remember.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

You can setup your shopping cart for your location and s elect the look of your cart buttons to match the look of your site.

Merchant Account

Sign up with Millenium BankCard and accept credit card payments through your website. No long-term contracts or set-up fees.

Tax Calculators

You can select the country, state or province where the selected taxes should be charged, and even select if tax should be charged on shipping fees.

Product Options

You can allow your customers to chose options such as color, size, or any option you have on your items. You can also accept messages for Gift Cards or additional details you might need.

Discounts codes

You can offer discounts directly on your site by activating a discount code. They can be for one use, or up to a certain date.

Dropshipper Integration

Sell more products and make more money, without worrying about storage or shipping. Get a free DOBA account when you sign up.


You can add an email where you want to be notified every time you have an order so you do not miss anything.

Mass Edit

You can edit your products in bulk including inventory, details, shipping settings, regular prices, sales prices, or even delete products.

Export Orders

Do you need to manage your year end reports? Just export all orders or by specific dates from your site into a CSV or TXT file.

Multiple Payment Types

Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and more. You can also offer your customers the option to phone or fax in orders, or mail money orders and checks.

Integrated Payment Processing

The default payment gateway is Authorize.net but we also offer PSIgate and PayPal Pro fully integrated solutions.


Standard - use a basic, Premier, or Business account.
Pro - A payment gateway that requires application to and approval from PayPal, as well as a PayPal business account.


You can enable inventory per item so you can avoid embarrassing messages stating that you are out of certain product, the cart will only sell available items.

Recommended Products

Supersize your orders by suggesting additional products within your catalog. Recommend up to 3 more items on each product description page.

Order Management

You van view all the orders in your site and change the shipping status, and payment status and even refund an order if needed.

Order Confirmation

You can set up a confirmation page to add text to the final page of your shopping cart checkout process

Export Products

Select from each catalog or every item in your store to export into a CSV, or TXT file in one click.

Powerful Inventory Management

You can view products alphabetically, unlisted, out of stock, sales products pr even products by catalog to allow you more control over your store.

PayPal Transactions

If you use Paypal standard, you can still see the transactions right in your site by activating the Paypal IPN.

Multiple Payment Gateways

We offer Autorize.net (US), PSIgate(CAD), Paypal PRO, Paypal standard, WorldPay, and manual processing for those who have a credit card terminal.

Shipping Calculators

We have UPS, FedEx and USPS calculators as well as custom shipping methods that you can add by order, weight or item.

Product Management

You can manage the catalog pages and the products appear on each catalog so that you do not have to copy an item over... you just select the correct catalog.

Sell anything

You are selling e-books? No problem! You can sell items or files directly from your cart and customers will be able to download them directly from your site.


You can add directly into your cart your own return policy and guarantee so that customers will know exactly what to expect.

Import Products

If you are just starting your site but already have products you can also import them rather than entering everything manually.

Catalog Layouts

When you add a new catalog page you can select the layout so your products are displayed the way you want.

Product Images

You can add up to 3 images per product on the image viewer. But if you have more images, just insert them into the description of your product.

Page types

Page Templates

You can choose from a variety of pages including information, eCommerce, or communication pages.

Basic Web Page

It allows you to enter text and images. It's the most common page type you can pretty much do anything with this type of page.

Multimedia Page

Allows you to embed your own music, videos, printable forms, instruction guides, etc. for your visitors to view without having to go to another site.

Hours of Operation

Allows you to easily show customers when your store is open for business displayed in an organized table.

Polling Booth

Create polls with multiple-choice questions. Results display on an easy-to-read bar graph.

Message Boards

Create a discussion forum on your website allowing people to have conversations, share information, and ask/answer questions.


Create your own newsletters, then publish them to your site or send to subscribers.

Downloads Page

A password protected page that allows users to have easy access to files you need to give them.

View Cart

This page adds a 'View Cart' button to your site index, allowing customers to easily access their cart from any page in your site.

Private Pages

You can set a password to pages that you want to limit the access to. Each page has its own password.

Photo Album

This page allows you to create a photo album and you also have the ability to add a header and a footer to the page.

Blog Page

You can easily add a fully featured blog directly into your website. There’s no need to use a third party blogging tool, we have it built right in for you.

Contact Information

This page allows you to enter the information for each person in your company or each branch.

FAQ Page

Create an organized list of questions and answers that can be categorized with headings.

Links Page

Easily create a list of links to pages either inside or outside of your site.

Quotes Page

Easily create an organized list of quotes. For example, you can establish credibility by featuring testimonials about your products or services from satisfied customers.

Guest Book

Allow visitors to leave comments on your website to encourage feedback about your business, products, services, and more.

Catalog Page

Display your products or services for customers to browse. Choose from 3 layouts, with varying image and description options.

Site-wide Footer

Add custom text, links, images, or HTML to the bottom of multiple pages on your website. You can select which pages show the footer.


Display events in an easy-to-scan monthly calendar format.


This page will take you to another page (that you select) on your site or on another site automatically.

Articles Page

Your articles are automatically formatted and listed by date of publication.

Maps Page

Make it easy for site visitors to find a specific location with the help of a Google Map embedded in your site.

Feedback Form

You can easily create your own customized online forms to collect information from your customers. Submissions are stored right on your website for easy access.


Create a series of emails to be sent at pre-set time intervals following customer signup. Great for tutorials or classes.

Press Releases

Create buzz about important information, like events, achievements, product releases, and more. Entries are automatically formatted and listed by date of release.

Coupons Page

Create printable coupons for customers to redeem at your physical store location.

Page Management

You can choose the order of your pages as well as hide or show certain pages from on menu.

Domain Name

Free Subdomain Name

We give you a free sub-domain name as soon as you create your site,

Email Addresses

Create personalized email accounts that include your current domain name. Up to 5 accounts included, upgrade for more.

Custom Domain Name

If you prefer to purchase a domain name from us we will automatically attach it to your site and manage it for you. The renewal will also be automatic so you don't have to worry about losing your domain name.

Outside Domain Name

If you already own your domain name, you can also use it with your CItymax site.

Free Credits

Google Adsense

Earn additional revenue by placing content-relevant Google Ads in your pages

Constant Contact

Free for 60 days. Create and send targeted, professional email newsletters and promotions, then track your results.


Get 500 free credits with VerticalResponse. Develop leads and find more customers with an email marketing campaign

Extra Features

Nothing to Setup

With CityMax.com, there's nothing to download or install – ever. Everything is set up for you including hosting, SSL certificates, and security enhancements and free automatic updates.

Editor Choice

You can select from the easy to use editor or the advanced HTML editor.

Get a Free Website

We know how to reward our loyal customers. If you refer people through your referral link, you get credits to use towards the payment of your site.

Site Profile

You can add a profile to your site to tell us what you do and what you need to learn more about. This will help us provide more materials to help you have a successful business.

100% Customizable

Easily change the look of each website design template with the built-in easy Template Editor. Change your website header, try a new background color, and add text and images with a few mouse clicks! No design skills required.

Success Tools

Access 85+ guides on how to make your business profitable, including Search Engine Optimization strategies, money management tips, how to transform your customers into raving evangelists for your business, affiliate marketing and much more.

Text Control

You can set how your text is displayed for the whole site, but you can also format the size, font, color, etc within every page.

Free Trial

With CityMax.com your first 10 days are free. There's no commitment and no credit card is required.

Affiliate Program

How would you like to promote our website builder in exchange for a generous commission on every sale you refer? Join the CityMax.com Affiliate Program.

Advanced Links

Want to control what your links do? Our link editor allows you to set how the links opens and how it is displayed.

Account Dashboard

View the most important information about each site on your Dashboard. Focus on what is important to you!

Google Site Search

An easy way for people to search your website. You can add the Google Search box to any of your pages.

Marketing Tips

Get a wide variety of tips on how to market your site with step by step instructions.


Our basic package is not enough for you? Do not worry! You can upgrade each item separately so if you just need more email accounts, you just pay for email accounts!


Choose from hundreds of pre-made templates or upload your own header. Insert a title and text to your header section.


For those advanced users, you also have access to the HTML of the site so that you can add your own CCS to make your site look exactly how you want.


Get notified every time you have a sale, feedback from your forms, or from direct contact

Free updates

We are constantly improving our features and we provide free feature updates and regularly add new features for all of our customers at no extra charge.

Easy Out

If you are unhappy for any reason, you can cancel your website at any time, no hassle!

Easy Content

Images, tables, flash , horizontal lines, special characters, background colors, bullets, numbers, etc can be easily added through our Easy Editor with a click.

Find Answers

Are you stuck? Find the answers you are looking for in the video tutorials and help guides located within the website dashboard.

Up to date

Stay connected with us and get tips and ideas through our blog, twitter, and facebook accounts.

Organize Menu

You can easily re-arrange the order of your pages with our drag and drop feature.

Citymax University

A collection of videos and a quiz at the end of each section that help you use our system and also become a better webmaster. At the end you get a certificate from us stating that you completed the course.


When it comes time to do your tax return you will need the invoices for your website. We have the separated by date and site so that you can keep them organized and print them if needed.

Custom Design

You don't have time to set up your website? Or you want a design that's specific to your business? We offer a QuickStart Design program with a custom design and 5 pages.

Site Your way

Use your website to share information, promote a service, or sell physical or digital products like e-books or audio and video downloads using the built-in online store - it's your choice!

SSL Encryption

Every CityMax.com website has an industry standard 128 Bit SSL encryption to protect you and your customer's private data both during and after transactions.

Automatic back-ups

Your data is always safe with CityMax.com. We run automatic backups to ensure your website's data will always be safe and sound.

Web Coaching

Our Coaching Team acts as second tier of support, teaching customers how to make money with their site after they learn to build it.

Spelling troubles?

Our editor includes a spell checker that can check as you type or can run through your text once you're done.

Great Support

Need help? Simply reach out to our Customer Support Team.