What A Business Needs To Get Online

This document describes what a business needs to get online.

3 Things You Must Have

There are three things that a business needs to be a credible business on the Internet:

A domain name (e.g. www.bobsplumbing.com)
A website
An email with your domain name (e.g. sales@bobsplumbing.com)

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Things That You Want

In addition to these three things that are the minimum to appear as a credible business, there are a bunch of things that are important for a business to be taken seriously:

online promotion
a mailing list
a feedback form
a content management system
a shopping cart (if you plan to sell)

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About This Document

The first part of this document is about the three bare minimums for a business to get online, the second part covers the other things that a business wants and the third part helps you choose the best way for you to get your business online which depends on the business.